Kentucky 2-in-1 Burp Cloth & Bib

Kentucky 2-in-1 Burp Cloth & Bib

Show off your Kentucky pride with Little Hometown's Baby Burp and Bib combo is a great transitional item. It can be used as a burp cloth in the early months, and then it snaps to convert into a full-coverage bib once solid foods are introduced.   

Size: 10" x 24"

Material: Bamboo rayon, cotton muslin

Our Unisex design features all of the things that Kentucky is known for: Louisville Slugger, Horse Racing, Bluegrass music, KFC, Basketball, and Corvettes.

Our Kentucky Floral design celebrates the natural beauty of Kentucky with its Goldenrod flowers, Tulip Poplar trees, and freshwater pearls. We added a horseshoe as well for the sweet babies lucky enough to call Kentucky home. 

$ 18.00