"Feelin' Your Oats" Granola

"Feelin' Your Oats" Granola

Our Feelin’ Your Oats Granola has been enjoyed around Hallway Feed offices and by our their families, guests, friends and colleagues for 5 years and finally it’s HERE at Claiborne Farm!!

The granola had its start at a press event breakfast in January of 2016. Hallway Feed thought it would be fun to have a granola on the breakfast menu that would be a “riff” on the sweet feeds that they produce. Little did they know how people would respond. The very next morning, folks were calling wanting to get their hands on more of the granola. 

When they say it’s hand crafted, they mean it. That’s not just wordsmithing, it’s the honest truth. Each batch is carefully measured, baked, stirred, toasted and then bagged by hand. 

You’ll taste the difference as soon as it goes in your mouth and Hallway Feed love watching people’s faces light up as they experience our Feelin’ Your Oats Granola for the first time.  They make no apologies for the quality of the feeds they produce, and those same standards and expectations apply to everything they do, including granola.

It’s taken quite a bit of time and effort, a real labor of love to get to this point. So here it is, our favorite granola. Hoping after one taste you’ll be finding ways to enjoy it, if you’re like most, that will be right out of the bag.


Ingredients: Rolled oats, sliced almonds, pecans, maple syrup, light brown sugar, shredded coconut, vegetable oil, salt.


$ 12.00